Water garden in the spring of 2015. Photo courtesy of Scott Shigley.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Exploring, explaining and celebrating the world of plants.

Our Vision

Your investment in the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden will allow us, within five years, to meet our new commitments to the Greater Des Moines community with a privately-governed, sustainable institution that will:

  • Engage the increasingly diverse Greater Des Moines community in the world of plants
  • Become a central player in the cultural, education and scientific communities of Greater Des Moines
  • Transform the landscape of the Botanical Garden
  • Revitalize and enliven the Garden’s interior public spaces
  • Participate in the educational STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiative
  • Create dynamic programs and events which appeal to a broad audience
  • Integrate the Garden to the Principal Riverwalk
  • Relate the Garden to the larger world of public gardens and horticulture
  • Create a robust public forum for discussion of contemporary environmental issues