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Indoors and outdoors, in all kinds of weather, the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden provides close encounters with plants for visitors of all ages. Our gardens celebrate beautiful, sustainable horticulture at the intersection of people, plants and passion. No matter the season, our gardens offer visitors remarkable horticultural experiences.

Inside the conservatory, you’ll be immersed in the richness of the tropics, complete with exotic orchids and other flowering plants, under a sheltering canopy of palms and trees otherwise unknown in Iowa. Alive and growing, our collection brings the world of plants to your fingertips. From the exotic leaves of bromeliads to the prickly personalities of cactus, we’ll take you on a botanical tour of the globe.

Outside, our gardens invite exploration any day of the year. Teeming with thousands of plants, these gardens celebrate the pleasures of gardening in the Midwest from the first winter thaw to autumn’s killing frost. The outdoor gardens celebrate the ritual of the seasons, one horticultural show after another, with a thriving and adventuresome palette. There is always something special to kindle the senses and refresh the spirit.


  • What’s in Bloom - a photographic journal of the latest and greatest flowers currently in show and on display.
  • Plant Collections - an overview of our culturally relevant collections of flowers, tropical and woody plants.
  • Master Plan - learn more about our long-term vision and peruse illustrations from the Master Plan.
  • Garden Etiquette - gentle guidelines for ensuring you have a pleasant and enjoyable visit.
  • Conservatory & Indoor Gardens - an overview of indoor horticulture at the Botanical Garden, including detailed descriptions of the plant-driven experiences you’ll have inside.
  • Outdoor Gardens - an overview of the many new and developing gardens, including detailed descriptions of the designs and seasonal highlights of specific gardens.

Conservatory & Indoor Gardens