Horticultural Exhibits

Tidal Pool

(runs January 23 through March 8)

Tidal pools and their adaptable inhabitants have interested naturalists, biologists and philosophers for ages. Tidal pools provide a niche habitat to some of the hardiest flora and fauna, withstanding the extremes of water submersion during high tide and exposure to hot sun or cold winds during low tide. Hiding among seaweed and marine algae in this constantly changing environment are sea anemones, starfish, crabs and mussels.  Inspired by the texture and composition of these biologically fascinating habitats, the Tidal Pool exhibit features more than two dozen different varieties of ferns, succulents and marine-colored groundcovers.


(runs March 13 through May 17)

A stumpery is a garden feature made from the trunks, stumps and branches of felled trees.  Long popular in the U.K., gardeners around the world have once again taken an interest in collecting, piling and fashioning walls and mounds of fallen trees.  In the conservatory in late winter, a modest collection of stumps and logs supports mosses, ferns and a host of spring-flowering bulbs and ephemerals that translate spring's arrival on this woodland scene.  

The Summer Exhibition:  La Lluvia

(runs May 29 through September 20)

The words la lluvia—Spanish for “the rain”—inspired an artful presentation of the force of life that makes gardening on the prairie possible.  From clamoring summer thunderstorms to quiet autumn drizzles, rain and all of its sounds, physical force and sustenance supports the shoots, flowers and fruits of the garden’s year.  Centered around a horticultural conversation about the water cycle and the opening year for the Botanical Garden’s half-acre water garden, the summer exhibition will employ creative programming designed to engage visitors in a conversation about the importance of our most precious natural resource.   

The Ginkgo Sesquicentennial

(runs September 25 through November 15)

The lone ginkgo in the Botanical Garden’s bonsai collection has been under training as a bonsai for 150 years in 2015.  In this exhibit, dozens of younger bonsai surround a ceremonial presentation of this specimen tree, arguably one of the finest specimens in the collection. 

Holiday Exhibition

(runs November 20 through January 17)

Our third annual Holiday Exhibition will feature the classic elegance of over 1000 amaryllis and an array of favorite holiday flowers.  With dozens of classic and groundbreaking varieties, the sheer magnitude of this holiday gala rings in the holiday season like nothing else.  Join us for the reveal at Champagne and Chocolate the weekend before Thanksgiving to catch your first glimpse of these spectacular flowers.

Upcoming Events


We are very excited to host many signature exhibits at our location to help bring something special to our gardens. Below are various horticultural slideshows from our galleries and exhibits. Please see our upcoming events to see what excitement is coming to the gardens soon.