Horticultural Exhibits

La Dolce Vita

(runs January 6 through February 23)

Concept: La Dolce Vitais Italian for “the sweet life,” a reminder of the desserts of living. Many of the tastes we encounter come from the botanical world. This exhibit offers candy for the senses. From chocolate-colored leaves to lemon-scented flowers, we will design a colorful exhibit that connects our sweet tooth to the plants that make life rich.

No Flowers, No Problem

(February 24 through April 6)

Concept: Sometimes flowers get all the credit. But the most enduring botanical structures are leaves, which we explore for their texture and celebrate for their vibrancy in this exhibit. Leaves not only help plants grow by capturing the sun’s energy, but they shade and shelter roots and stems. The challenge of making a flowerless exhibit — to inspire people to see the beauty of patterns and repetition in the absence of the obviousness of flowers. The Garden’s coleus collection, the largest of its kind at any public garden in the country, will take center stage for this elegant foliar exhibition.

High Flight

(April 7 through May 18)

Concept: American airman John Gillespie Magee, Jr. is best remembered for his sonnet “High Flight,” an enduring favorite among aviators for its evocative depictions of the miracle of flying. The poem inspired us to think of suspending gardens and plants in air, leading us to explore the concept of kokedama or Japanese string gardens, as well as unique ways of suspending containers in mid-air. In this exhibit, we will celebrate plants in new ways with handcrafted kokedama gardens and structures that raise the majesty of an endless variety of plants to eye level and beyond. These vignettes will tie into the words of the poem — long, delirious burning blue; high untrespassed sanctity of space; laughter-silvered wings — for a romantic, uplifting look at new age gardening.

Food is Pretty

(runs May 19 through September 7)

Concept: Food is pretty, food is beautiful. A blend of artful exhibits, educational opportunities and dining experiences will set the tone for the Garden’s first summer exhibition. The resurgence of interest in growing food has brought gardeners closer to the land, encouraging sustainability and awareness about where our food comes from. But the beauty of the food we eat is just as important as where it comes from and how it’s produced. Beyond edible ornamentals and landscaping, many of the plants we eat are terrifically beautiful. The amber combs of flowering sorghum, the purple fringed blades of kales and the kaleidoscopic kernels of heirloom corn are but a few of the hundreds of possibilities, some surprising and unexpected that we will program throughout this summer-long exhibition.


(runs September 12 through November 16)

Concept: Unlike the static nature of sculptures or paintings, gardens are living art: growing, flowering and changing in time and space. In Masterpieces, the penultimate exhibit of 2014, we celebrate the return of the recently renovated Spectral Liberation, our iconic rainbow sculpture. The colorful stainless steel masterpiece has welcomed guests since its initial installation thirty years ago. In our exhibit, we pay tribute to the geometric movement and color palette of the sculpture, from the oranges of firecracker plant (Cuphea ignea 'Compacta') to the rich blues of Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Haze.' Playfully juxtaposed among the plants are avant-garde masterpieces of deconstructed sculptire and whimsical whirligigs.

Holiday Exhibition

(November 21 through January 4)

Concept: Our second annual Holiday Exhibition will feature the classic elegance of more than 1,000  amaryllis and an array of other favorite holiday flowers. With dozens of classic and groundbreaking varieties, the sheer magnitude of this holiday gala will ring in the season like nothing else. Join us for the reveal at Champagne and Chocolate the weekend before Thanksgiving to catch your first glimpse of these spectacular flowers.


We are very excited to host many signature exhibits at our location to help bring something special to our gardens. Below are various horticultural slideshows from our galleries and exhibits. Please see our upcoming events to see what excitement is coming to the gardens soon.