Scene from the Holiday Exhibition

Horticultural Exhibits

Horticultural exhibits form one of the cornerstones of the guest experience at the Botanical Garden. These dynamic botanical exhibits translate narratives about the natural world, landscapes and art through the medium of contemporary planting design. The horticulture team collaborates with other staff, local artists, craftsman and vendors around the country to assemble 5-6 exhibits throughout the year.

Holiday Exhibition

(runs November 18 through January 15)

Our fourth annual Holiday Exhibition takes inspiration from the woods, with reclaimed trunks forming the structural layer of the exhibit garden. Over 1,000 amaryllis will cycle through the eight week display, in addition to hundreds of tropical and temperate ferns, mosses, orchids and more. This annual showcase brings the holidays to life with botanical diversity and flower show-style artisty. Join us for the reveal at Champagne and Chocolate the Friday before Thanksgiving.


Highlights from Previous Exhibits

For photos of previous exhibits, please visit our Behance portfolio


We are very excited to host many signature exhibits at our location to help bring something special to our gardens. Below are various horticultural slideshows from our galleries and exhibits. Please see our upcoming events to see what excitement is coming to the gardens soon.