Koehn Garden

The Koehn Garden is a walled garden experience in the heart of the Garden, a stage for performances, celebrations and a season-long roster of horticultural theatre. The masterfully designed and richly planted borders evoke the spirit of the Midwest, while sensorily inundating the visitor with the glories of the mixed border.  Matching serviceberries (Amelanchier) punctuate formality along the midsection of the oval event lawn.  Shrubs like lilacs (Syringa), flowering quince (Chaenomeles), hydrangeas and butterfly bushes (Buddleia) provide architecture around which hundreds of perennials, heirloom annuals and bulbs teem in seasonal array.  Along its western wall, an espalier of climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris) and annual vines provides a modern, architectural backdrop to a 220-foot long, seasonally colorful boulevard of annuals (pictured). 

This garden is made possible through the generosity of the Thomas and Linda Koehn Foundation.