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  • Jan22

    Winter-Blooming Orchids

    by Elvin McDonald in Plants We Love

    The good news for Iowa gardeners is that there are many orchids that flower indoors in the winter, after spending a typically warm and humid summer outdoors, “charging their batteries” as surely as solar panels gather and store energy. 

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  • Jan2

    A New Year's Blog

    by Elvin McDonald in Potting Shed Chatter

    As I write this first day of 2014, the temperature outside is frigid and there is a mantle of new-fallen snow. Spread on the dining table are dozens of packets of seeds, each magically programmed by its DNA. I've ordered them online from the good people who perennially send their colorful catalogs, which leads me to my first manifesto.

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  • Dec1

    Move Over Poinsettias; Make Way for Amaryllis

    by Elvin McDonald in Plants We Love

    Say “Christmas flower” and most of us think poinsettia, yet in much of the world amaryllis come to mind. 

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  • Jul24

    Vicious Bugs

    by Tyler Johnson in Garden Know-How

    As part of our green initiative at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, we release beneficial insects to control our pest problems, including mealybugs, spider mites, white flies, fungus gnats and thrips.  Though they do good, these beneficial avengers of plant health use some truly vicious methods of attacking their prey.

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