Adopt a Plant

Whether for yourself or as a gift, adopting a plant is a wonderful way to support the Botanical Garden! Enjoy knowing you are helping keep the Garden thriving and vibrant while receiving a token of our appreciation. Each adoption kit includes a postcard set of the plant and a certificate of adoption. Read on to pick your perfect plant.

  • Invincibelle® Spirit smooth hydrangea

    Hydrangea arborescens ‘NCHA1’ $25
    Invincibelle® Spirit smooth hydrangea

    Invincibelle® Spirit smooth hydrangea is a perfect shrub for dry shade and a modern improvement on the classic Annabelle.

    You can find a large group of Invincibelle® Spirit smooth hydrangea in flower during the month of June in the northeast hillside garden adjacent to the stone stairs. Its cousin Invincibelle® Spirit II grows further down the hillside in the southwest corner adjacent to witch hazels and a Japanese maple.

  • Dark Towers beardtongue

    Penstemon digitalis ‘Dark Towers’ $50
    Dark Towers beardtongue

    This popular, free-flowering penstemon is one of the most widely planted perennials at the Botanical Garden. We grow this three-season performer, enjoyed by hummingbirds and other pollinators, for its sumptuous black–maroon foliage, pearlescent flowers and persistent seedheads.

    You can find Dark Towers beardtongue in graphic, abundant stands in the Lauridsen Savanna and scattered throughout the Koehn Garden. It flowers in May and June and remains in seed until frost.

  • Fascination Culver’s root

    Veronicastrum ‘Fascination’ $100
    Fascination Culver’s root

     Fascination Culver’s root is a quartet of novel variant of a Midwestern prairie native, featuring shades of pink and purple. Tall, robust and tolerant of seasonal wetness, ‘Fascination’ sports alluring violet flowers beloved by bees and is a great reminder of the how native diversity makes for beautiful, sustainable gardens.

    This unique cultivar features prominently in the northern corners of the Koehn Garden from late June through mid-July alongside orange trumpet lilies and Russian sage.

  • Glowing Embers® licorice mint hyssop

    Agastache rupestris Glowing Embers® $150 
    Glowing Embers® licorice mint hyssop

    Glowing Embers® licorice mint hyssop is a hummingbird magnet and a feast for the eyes with its nonstop sunset red flowers. It thrives in soils with good drainage, tolerating extended periods of drought. Gently brush up against its silvery leaves for a rich licorice aroma. You can find a floriferous colony of this plant in the Dorothy and Max Rutledge Conifer Garden from late May through September.

  • Milk Bottles bottle gentian

    Gentiana andrewsii ‘Milk Bottles’ $250
    Milk Bottles bottle gentian 

    One of the rarest perennials in our living collections, this unusually white-flowered form of our Iowa native bottle gentian offers late-season allure. It spends most of the growing season as a collection of shiny leaves and stems that ultimately reveal miniature milk bottle flowers beloved by foraging bees.

    You can find Milk Bottles bottle gentian near a bench on the east side of the path through the Lauridsen Savanna.

    Please note these are illustrative examples. Your contribution will support all our efforts. We are unfortunately not able to recognize plant adoptions on garden signage.

Adopt a Plant