Botanical Garden staff members and their contact information are listed below. For general information, please call 515.323.6290 or email

Stephanie Jutila
President and CEO
Direct Phone:  515.323.6261

Derek Carwood
Curatorial Horticulturist
Direct Phone:  515.323.6296

Susan Cory
Volunteer Coordinator
Direct Phone:  515.323.6293

Jake Damon-Gilchrist
Direct Phone:  515.323.6296

Aaron Harpold
Assistant Director of Horticulture
Direct Phone:  515.402.4285

Kimberly James
Production Horticulturist
Direct Phone:  515.323.6296

Hannah Loy
Direct Phone:  515.323.6296

Kelly D. Norris
Director of Horticulture and Education
Direct Phone:  515.323.6299

Debra Peckumn
Director of Philanthropy
Direct Phone:  515.323.6289

Kelly Reilly
Director of Marketing
Direct Phone:  515.402.4274

Sandy Stundins
Assistant Director of Facilities and Grounds
Direct Phone:  515.323.6291

Sydney Algreen-Hunter
Assistant Director of Education
Direct Phone: 515.323.6297

Caryline Clark
Public Engagement Manager
Direct Phone:  515.402.4283

Katie Coy
Events and Venue Coordinator
Direct Phone:  515.323.6295

Laurie Haeder
Events and Venue Coordinator
Direct Phone:  515.402.4282

Leslie Hunter
Direct Phone:  515.323.6296

Amanda Jordan
Membership Engagement Manager
Direct Phone:  515.323.6265

Whitney Malin
Social Media and Marketing Coordinator
Direct Phone:  515.402.4286

Alex Nuzum
Youth Education Coordinator
Direct Phone:  515.402.4273

David Regan
Assistant Director of Retail and Guest Experience
Direct Phone:  515.402.4281

Kate Selden-Egge
Executive Assistant
Direct Phone:  515.402.4275