The Perfect Recipe for less-than-perfect Strawberries

Whether they’re from the garden or grocery store, some strawberries just aren’t as plump, juicy or symmetrical as others. Show off the prettier ones in a bowl, as a cocktail garnish, or tuck them into your favorite dessert. But don’t throw out their less attractive counterparts. Turn those into a sweet-and-savory sauce that masks their appearance while enhancing their flavor.

Lisa LaValle of Trellis Café uses otherwise castoff strawberries in a simple balsamic mix that spices up a backyard barbecue. Pour over bread topped with walnuts and blue cheese for a fruity take on bruschetta, burgers, or salad.

Lisa’s easy recipe for Savory Strawberry Sauce

A handful of strawberries, diced

A quarter of a red onion, diced

A dollop of your favorite mustard

A pour of balsamic vinaigrette

Salt, pepper, any other spices to taste

Heat in a saucepan until strawberries soften and sauce is well-blended