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7 Meadow Plants We Love

Meadow Mayhem In 2017, the first annual Botanical Garden Summer Camp program took place in amid an artfully designed meadow. The square-in-square design allowed children to experience a sense of wildness, no matter how contrived. The planting also added benefit of putting nitrogen and biomass back into the soil throughout the growing season, [...]


Cooking with Weeds: 3 Creative Uses for Garden Scraps

Cooking with Weeds Every garden has pests: the Japanese beetles that chew and munch, not to mention the weedy daggers of dandelions that pierce the verdant lawn. So why not eat them? Okay, so maybe not the Japanese beetles. But the dandelions, violets and garlic mustard cropping up in a yard near you, [...]


Buck Roses: A Midwestern Favorite

Buck Roses in the Wells Fargo Rose Garden Rosa 'Simon Estes' Dr. Griffith Buck is a legend among gardeners. His surname applied to a rose equates to a badge of honor. The former Iowa State University horticulture professor left a long legacy of hardworking shrub roses, 93 in all, for Midwestern [...]