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Pollinator Plant We Love: Liatris

July is for Pollinators It’s July and your garden is thriving, perhaps only with weeding and occasional watering to keep you busy. But this is the gardener’s sweet spot—the time of year when you can sit outside and reap the rewards of seeds sown earlier.   This month is the time to savor your garden and the fauna who admire and appreciate it, especially pollinators. A great [...]

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Tips for Growing Healthier Tomatoes

Three Tips for Healthy Tomatoes The late-spring months of May and June provide ideal temperatures and conditions for planting tomatoes in Central Iowa. Whether you've grown food in your garden for decades, or if this season is your first attempt at growing your own crops, tomatoes are a great place to start. These easy-to-grow plants will reward you [...]

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Botanical Tableau: A New Perspective

Viewing the Garden in a New Way During our extended closure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Botanical Garden team has used social media to share what’s growing and flowering in the Garden from week to week as spring progresses. Director of Horticulture and Education Kelly Norris created this botanical tableau on April 16 before the [...]

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Roses: Garden Design and Pruning

The Wells Fargo Rose Garden If you've visited the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden between spring and fall, you were first greeted by the dynamic, colorful Wells Fargo Rose Garden. We carefully design and organically maintain this garden to challenge the definition of traditional rose gardens—you'll find more than roses here! As the first impression that guests see [...]

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5 Tips for Healthier Houseplants

Tips for Healthy, Happy Houseplants Houseplants are known to offer a host of benefits to their owners. Aside from adding bright, colorful décor, they also purify the air in your home and can boost your mood. Although the conditions in your home may seem stagnant throughout the year, houseplants need specific care throughout the seasons to keep them [...]

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Safe Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleaning with Pollinators in Mind With warm weather and sunshine this early in spring, many gardeners are beginning their cleanup. While it can be exciting to finally be back in your garden after a long winter, the timing of these tasks is important for our native insects. Native solitary bees, such as the Small Carpenter Bee, are [...]

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4 “Emblems” of Spring

Spring Emblems When I submitted the manuscript for my last book, Plants With Style, my editor wondered what exactly I meant by emblems, the title of the third chapter. Maybe it was March excursions into the woods north of my family’s home or the June hikes into the prairie down the road from grandma’s farm. Along those routes [...]

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Trellis Café and Racoon Forks Farms

More than Fresh Produce Trellis Café's Lisa LaValle insists on local, organic ingredients whenever possible. That’s why she purchases farm-fresh brown eggs from Raccoon Forks Farms near Redfield, Iowa. Raccoon Forks Farms started raising pastured, cage-free chickens and growing chemical-free produce for community-supported agriculture (CSA) in 2009. In the decade since, environmentally friendly practices have remained at the [...]

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Botanical Garden Profile: Garden Hosts

Connecting Guests to the Garden Stationed inside the conservatory or outdoors during events, our volunteer Garden Hosts welcome guests and enhance their Botanical Garden visits every day. They may help with wayfinding, provide a clue to an elusive scavenger hunt quest, point out a plant of interest, mention an upcoming concert to a music lover or share educational [...]

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A Colorful, Plant-Filled Oasis in the Heart of Des Moines

Whether Des Moines is your final destination or just a stop along the way, there is something for guests of all ages to enjoy at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. Immerse yourself in the world of plants as you walk through seven acres of vibrant, resilient plantings in this urban retreat. Location and Hours Located right off [...]

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7 Tips for Houseplant Propagation

Propagation: Sharing the Plant Love It's no secret that growing plants indoors is the key to keeping a gardener happy throughout Iowa's harsh winters. But when those plants begin growing too well—or too fast—it's nice to trim the excess and share a plant start with a friend, family member or coworker. Unfortunately, understanding where to begin or the [...]

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Winter and Spring Pruning

What and When to Prune When the snow flies, many gardeners put away their tools and take a few months off from the garden. Some pruning, though, is a good idea to do before the ground thaws. Since fallen leaves leave the architecture of trees highly visible, late winter is a perfect time to prune your trees. Use [...]

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